About the Site:

Ottawa Autism Connection is maintained the Valiquette family.  Our oldest child had lost most of his language by age 2 and half, he was banging his head out of frustration, and spending hours lining up toys.  Eager to find ways of helping our child, I sought out resources and workshops.  After meeting other families, I realized I was frequently being asked to if I knew when another workshop or group was meeting.  I decided to write them down in a calendar for my own convenience, but I soon discovered this was helpful to others.  What this community needed was a website  I talked with representatives from two well qualified autism organizations to see if they were interested in taking this on.  But what I soon found was that these organizations didn't have the resources - either human capital, computer knowledge, or time - to maintain such a project.  Feeling discouraged, I didn't know where to turn. I decided my own computer experience could be a valuable resource.  Thus, Ottawa Autism Connection was born.  Since 2008, it's become a respected resource in the community and remains unaffiliated. 

About Me:  

I'm 30 years old and mother to two children who are on the autism spectrum.  I studied Business Administration Information Systems then switched to the Marketing major at Algonquin College.  My work experience is mostly technology support and customer service.  My oldest son was treated by Portia Learning Centre and after our time there, I wrote a testimonial for them which is posted on their website.  I was also published in their "First Year Tackle Box" as a parent contributor.  For Autism Ontario Ottawa Chapter, I am a volunteer Newsletter Editor.  My husband is an amazingly supportive man, and without him Ottawa Autism Connection would not be possible.



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