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How do I submit my events to your site?

- There's a few ways, you could become a member and post it yourself.  Or you can email: info@ottawaautismconnection.com with your flyer.  Flyers can be in PDF, RTF or DOC formats -- I can always convert it.  Please also attach a text version of your information.  Many times, PDF files do not copy/paste very well.  We get too much volume to be re-writing the information.  Remember to email me again if dates, times and locations have been changed or were waiting for confirmation.

Why are you changing the site?

- Many reasons, but the main reason is the community is growing too fast for the old HTML & Google Calendar too keep up.  It was too difficult for users to see what information was new.

Why do you have ads?

 - Initially, we wanted to avoid ads.  I felt that once we proved this type of information site was useful and fulfilling a need (proof of concept), established organizations would offer a competing website, or absorb Ottawa Autism Connection.  I did not anticipate that Ottawa Autism Connection would be going on its 3rd year independently.  After meeting with he Networking group a few times and presenting to them, I've realized no organization is going to offer what we do.  The time involved is too much, the technical knowledge is not there, and the information sharing is not possible -- many orgs would only post their internal or affiliated information.  As the community grows, I found we needed to improve the interface -- the Igloo website.  Our costs with the old website were $200 per year.  But our costs with Igloo looked to be $200 per month!  I asked for funding from groups, but got no response.  As we are just a local autism family compiling information, we don't qualify as a charity.  Our goal is to raise the capital needed to remove the page redirect - $2500 for 1 year of the new website.

 So you make money on the ads?

 - No, only from sales generated by the ads (commission) -- we don't get anything for clicks.  In the early days of the Internet you could just put ads all over your page and earn money from views, but Ottawa Autism Connection is a niche market so we do not have thousands of hits per month, and advertisers started loosing money the way it used to work.  Clicks are counted, but only purchases help the site.

 How do the ads work? 

 - My understanding is after you click a link, you are redirected to a tracking website, then you go on to the target vendor website.  The tracking website is necessary otherwise Ottawa Autism Connection earns nothing from your purchase.  It tells the vendor you got to them from us.

 If it costs your family money, why do it?

 - My background is Business Administration Information Systems and Marketing, since I am at home longer than I anticipated, I need to keep up my skills set.  But more than that, I believe strongly in making the experience of having a child with autism easier for the families who come after ours.

Are you hiring?

- I've had a few people cold send me resumes now.  We are not an IBI/ABA provider.  Again, this is just an information site I do as a volunteer.  I can direct you to organizations who are appropriate for your job search. 

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