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Mabel's Labels - Labels for the stuff kids lose!
We've become an affiliate with Mabel's Labels.  8% of sales go towards the website, and Mabel's Labels has fantastic "My 411" wristbands which are fully customizable, impossible for a child to remove, and identify the child should they wander away. 


Other Mom-Run sites in the Ottawa-area

Autism-Aspergers Family Support Group Prescott-Russell - We are a bilingual support group helping to make the lives of familes with children on the autsim spectrum a little easier.  We are run by volunteers as a satellite of Autism Ontario Ottawa Chapter. We welcome families who have a diagnosis, and familes who may be on a wait list or have concerns about a child and need to ask for some assistance on where to begin.

Connecting Pieces - Connecting Pieces is a Ottawa region consultation service that was created especially for the parents of children with autism. Its first goal is to empower these parents to take control of their child's progress while making changes to the family's natural environment.

Picture Card Communication - PictureCard Communication was conceived about five years ago. Thinking that there must be a better way to help visual learners, I came up with the idea of creating visual (picture) communication tools and materials that, I believe, would have helped my son Eric who was diagnosed at the age of 5-1/2 with low-functioning autism.


Charities - Non-Government Organizations to Help Pay for Private IBI


Local Resources - Diagnosis & Treatment

Senior Therapists & Professional Behaviourists & Respite

Other Resources - Literature and Support

  • Compiled Directory - printable directory of resources in the region. Current as of May 2011.
  • Autism Support Ottawa Yahoo!Group Autism Support Ottawa. Candid discussion with other autism families.
  • Portia Community Outreach Program -Portia Learning Centre in partnership with Quickstart and the Realize Community Potential Program have begun a program where parents can meet with a Senior Therapist for FREE and ask questions. For info more info please call The Portia Learning Centre at 613-591-9966, or visit Portia's Website.
  • Autism Ontario Ottawa Chapter - local support group for familes of autism.  Please check out their comprehensive SUPPORT GROUP LIST.
  • La société Franco-Ontarienne de l'autisme - local Francophone support group for familes of autism.
  • Children at Risk - offering support and transition planning
  • United Families of Eastern Ontario - a coalition of family networks and individuals committed to improving the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities living in Eastern Ontario.
  • Quick Start Autism - From the information provided during the screening, you and your child will have one-on-one appointments with a professional who will teach and show you strategies to work with your child.
  • Service Coordination des services - We help people find the supports and services in the community that are needed to assist them in their daily lives.
  • Andrew Fleck Child Care Services - Offers families "Thursday's Child Nursery School" and Intergration into mainstream school and daycare
  • Geneva Centre for Autism - offers training to parents and professionals.
  • Hanen Books - publishers of the "It Takes Two to Talk", "More Than Words", and "Talkability"books.
  • ParentBooks - offers an array of ASD/Aspergers literature at reasonable prices.
  • Families Matter Co-op - formerly had a wonderful list of local resources searchable to anyone, however, now requires membership.
  • First Signs - an American resource that includes a video glossary of "red flags" in autism behaviours.

Other Events in Ottawa

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